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High quality

VK Pumpkin Seed Oil follows the highest standards of oil production, from pumpkin seed harvesting to pumpkin seed pressing. 

We only use specially selected, high quality raw pumpkin seeds from Styria, Austria to process VK Pumpkin Seed Oil and make VK foods. 

Our Styrian pumpkin seed oil is made exclusively from pumpkins which have been grown in the traditional EU-protected PGI area. 

And you can taste the difference!

The rich color, nutty smell, and divine taste make VK Pumpkin Seed Oil a must have in every gourmet restaurant and ‘Foodie’ kitchen.

Journey of VK foods

VK Foods represents a quality and commitment to the highest of standards in oil production, and hopes this translates into us becoming a preferred choice for the culinary environment.


Our suppliers represent a bridge between traditional agriculture, traditional processing methods, and modern production technology.

This clear definition and the consistent sustainability strategy guarantee the traceability and transparency of all our products.


With this in mind, we are constantly working to expand the portfolio with new, exciting, and delicious products for our customers.

1. Preparing

First the pumpkin seeds are chopped into small pieces and mixed with water and salt to form a dough. The mixture is then carefully warmed up and pressed afterwards.

2. Pressing


The warm pumpkin seed mass is pressed carefully using a traditional stamp press, without any additional heating. This lengthy process releases the thick dark green oil.Butter

3. Resting


After pressing, the pumpkin seed oil is stored in a tank for 7 days. During this time, all of the suspended solids and fibre residue sink to the bottom as part of a natural process.

4. Bottling

Once the oil is rested, it is time for bottling. This process takes place without the addition of any additives or preservatives.

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